Thought for the Week

 The Head of the Church is Jesus. 

He is the foundation and builder of the Church.  In the Bible Jesus said, "I will build My Church."

It is a company of people who have committed their lives to follow Him, have been forgiven from their sin and been born again.

 He came to make disciples.  

He did not come to make denominations.  The first Christians new nothing of Anglican, Baptist or Methodist churches. These developed by man's ingenuity not by God's design.

We are called to contend for the Faith, not for the denomination to which we belong. The hymn writer said "Stand up, stand up for Jesus."  and referred to Christians as soldiers of the Cross.  It is unfortunate that the number of denominations have caused confusion over the years.

 The Gospel is Simple 


God demonstrated His love for us in that whilst we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.  That , of course, is all sinners  not just the nice ones.

The cross is the barrier between mankind and Hell, those who come to the Cross will find a promise of eternal life with Jesus. Those who don’t -- won’t.

 A Closing Thought 

The Bible contains more promises from God than we can usefully count and I have often heard preachers exhorting Christians to remind God of the promises that He has made.


I prefer to ask Christians if they have kept the promises that they have made to God.