Thought for the Week



St. Luke’s Gospel chapter 24 verse 4.  “Why do you look for the living amongst the dead? He is not here, He is risen!”

The whole of the Christian message rests on these words “He is risen”

If Jesus Christ has not been resurrected from the tomb then we have no basis for Christianity. The life of Christians depends upon an empty tomb and a living Saviour.


One of the most widely attested events in the Life of the Lord Jesus Christ is His crucifixion.  It is not only recorded in the Bible, but also alluded to in the secular writings of historians such as Josephus, Pliny and Tacitus, who were not writing in favour of the Christian message.

After His crucifixion the body of Jesus was placed in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, a Jewish Pharisee,  who was, up until this time, a secret follower of Jesus.  The body was hastily prepared for internment, because the Sabbath was rapidly approaching and the body could not be allowed to stay on the cross on the Sabbath.  The body was  wrapped in a burial shroud and taken to the nearby tomb that Joseph had prepared for his own resting place. A huge stone was rolled over the entrance to the tomb and a guard set to keep away intruders.  After the Sabbath there would be a proper funeral service, with the body being annointed with spices and re - wrapped with a fresh burial cloth.

Neither the disciples and friends of Jesus, or the Jewish authorities had any plans to further the message that Jesus had been preaching.  The disciples were bewildered about what to do next, they were frightened for their own lives and hid from the authorities.  

The authorities were relieved that the threat to their power base had been dealt with and they could get back to the way things were before Jesus came and disturbed everything. A dead Christ was powerless, helpless and futile, they were satisfied that the matter was now finished.  Jesus was dead and buried and His followers scattered, which is why the resurrection is so amazing. 

A living Christ, raised from the dead was a different matter.  That confirmed that He was “the Way, the Truth and The Life.”  He could be known by generations of men, women and young people. He could affect the lives of ordinary people for good.  It is a matter of record, that in every generation since the Day of resurrection, that is for 2,000 years, people have testified to the saving power of The Lord Jesus Christ, who is able to transform the lives of millions, by lifting the burden of sin from their lives, by giving a hope of a life to come, and by giving them power to live a clean, holy and upright life.

I have no fear in declaring that Christ is alive and You can know Him if you will only ask.

Why not find a church and celebrate the resurrection on Easter Sunday, you will be made most welcome!